Pulse Jet CCP Bag Style Dust Collectors

Pulse Jet CCP Bag Style Dust Collectors

Continuous Operation with Power Filter Cleaning

Sternvent CCP (continuous cleaning pulse) bag house dust collectors are the solution for in-plant air quality problems. Use when pulse jet cartridge style collector is not suitable because the dust particles are not free flowing or dust loading is heavy. The CCP filters are 99.9% efficient vertical filter tubes that are installed with wire cages through the access door and are clamped to venturis. The CCP can operate 24/7.

Sternvent offers four sizes, 1,000- 9,000 cfm, of the CCP with 55 gallon dust container or rotary airlock discharge. The CCP is designed for small to medium size industrial applications, such as chemical, rock, cement dusts.

Principle of Operation
The dirty air stream enters the inlet which is located in the funnel section, below the filters. The air makes a 90° turn upward, causing the heavier particles to fall into the dust container. The fine dust particles are pulled to the outside of the filter tubes. A dust cake forms on the surface of the filter media, which assists in the filtration. Clean air is able to pass through the filter media and out the fan exhaust. As the dust cake increases and resists the air flow, short bursts of compressed air, from inside the filters forces some of the dust cake to be displaced from the filters and fall into the funnel and airtight dust container. The bursts of compressed air are controlled by a timer.

Common Applications Options
Heavy industry Special filter media
Chemicals 55 gallon dust storage
Packaging Final filters
Cement Rotary airlock discharge
Woodworking Rotary airlock discharge
Explosion vent
Fire detection
Features Benefits
Filter media 99.9% @ 10 microns Clean air can be recirculated
Filters are smooth & not pleated Longer filter life than cartridges
Venturi assisted filter cleaning Increased filter life
12 gauge construction Long collector life
CCPS0368 200 – 3400 340 7.5 190 50 56 1900
CCPS0498 2700 – 4600 462 10, 15 200 56 56 2300
CCPS0818 4500 – 7800 765 15, 20, 25 210 70 70 3500
CCPS1008 5600 – 9500 944 25, 30 220 77 77 4000


Model: CCPS1008+CY
Application: Plastic Cutting
Airflow: 7,500 CFM
Location: Linden, NJ

Model: CCPS0818
Application: Plastic Cutting
Airflow: 8,000 CFM
Location: Northfield, NH

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