Pulse Jet SPH Horizontal Cartridge Style Dust Collectors

Pulse Jet SPH Horizontal Cartridge Style Dust Collectors

Continuous Operation with Power Filter Cleaning
Sternvent SternPulse SPH dust collectors are the solution for in-plant air quality problems, when the process is continuous or there is very fine dust. The filter cartridges are 99.99% efficient and slide in and out horizontally. The SPH has a small footprint, compared to other dust collectors and has a modular design that allows us to customize it for your needs.

Sternvent offers 7 sizes, 1,000- 24,000 cfm, of the SternPulse SPH in two styles; 55 gallon drum & rotary airlock. They are designed for small to medium size industrial applications, such as pharmaceutical or chemical dusts, powder paint and welding smoke.

Principle of Operation
The dirty air stream enters the baffled inlet which is located in the top or upper front, above the filters and moves in a true down flow direction through the filter cartridges. The fine dust particles remain on the outside of the filter cartridges. A dust cake forms on the surface of the filter media, which assists in the filtration. Clean air is able to pass through the filter media and out the fan exhaust. As the dust cake increases and resists the air flow, short bursts of compressed air, from inside the filters forces some of the dust cake to be displaced from the filters and fall into the funnel and airtight dust container. The bursts of compressed air are controlled by a programmable intelligent pulse controller.

Common Applications Options
Metalworking Special filter media
Chemicals 55 gallon dust storage
Pharmaceutical Top mounted fan
Food Processing Rotary airlock discharge
Woodworking Explosion vent
Fire detection
Features Benefits
Filter media 99.9% @ 10 microns Clean air can be recirculated
Slide out filters No entry required
Baffled filters Increased filter life
Down flow design Small footprint
7 & 12 gauge construction Long collector life
SPH2-4 1000-2000 1016/392 5 124 40 62 1600
SPH2-8 2000-4000 2032/784 7.5 135 40 90 2000
SPH3-12 3000-6000 3048/1176 10, 15 155 40 90 2400
SPH4-16 4000-8000 4064/1568 15, 20 175 40 90 2800
SPH3-24 6000-12000 6096/2352 25, 30, 40 155 80 90 4000
SPH4-32 8000-16000 8128/3136 30, 40, 50 175 80 90 5000
SPH4-48 12000-24000 12192/4704 50, 60, 75 175 120 90 8000

Model: SPH2-6
Application: Pharmaceutical
Airflow: 2,100 CFM
Location: New Brunswick, NJ

Model: SPH3-24
Application: Plasma Cuttingl
Airflow: 8,000 CFM
Location: Walden, NY

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