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Vibraclean Dust Collectors (for intermittent use)

Rugged & Reliable for Intermittent Operations
The Vibraclean, with its automatic vigorous motorized shaker, is ideal for an intermittent operation where a manual shaker is not sufficient and a jet pulsed collector is overkill. Semi-rigid multi-pocket filters with fixed spacing provide more usable filter area than dust collector with soft flexible filters. The heavy-duty eccentric driven shaker vibrates the filters clean. The backward inclined factory mounted & wired fan with discharge silencer is quiet and efficient. They are designed for small to medium size industrial applications, as well as school & maintenance shops.

Sternvent offers 11 sizes, 1,000- 9,000 cfm, of the Vibraclean in three styles; 55 gallon drum, bin drawer & rotary airlock. Direct drive, as well as belt drive fans are available. Paint finish can be color matched to the building exterior.

Principle of Operation
The dirty air stream enters the inlet which is located in the funnel section, below the filters. The air makes a 90 degree turn upward, causing the heavier particles to fall into the dust container. The fine dust particles are pulled to the filter pockets. A dust cake forms on the filter media, which assists in the filtration. Clean air is able to pass through the filter media & out the fan exhaust. Excess dust on the filters is vigorously shaken off by the motor driven shaker, automatically after the fan is turned off. Filtration efficiency is 99.9% for wood & steel dust.

Common ApplicationsOptions
Steel grinding55 gallon dust storage
MetalworkingRotary airlock discharge
PlasticsFinal filters
GrainsExplosion vent
CeramicsDust Switch electrical interlock
Filter media 99.9% @ 10 micronsClean air can be recirculated
Fan on clean air sideLong fan lifeOptimum airflow & pressure
Backward inclined fanLong fan life
Compact multi-pocket filterPeak airflow with reduced horsepower
14 gauge constructionLong collector life
Factory wired & mounted fanReduces installation cost
DM1301000 – 180013031093232800
DK2441450 – 2400244513343371300
DK3602200 – 36003605, 7.513565381500
DK4803000 – 480048010, 15, 2015683382400
DK5404400 – 640054015, 2015695383200
DK7205800 – 790072015, 20, 2515165714100
DK9608000 – 960096020, 25, 3017083714700

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