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Filter Bag Style with Shaker

Intermittent operation with manual or motorized shaker filter cleaning.
Sternvent Filter Bag Dust Collectors are the solution for in-plant air quality problems, when the process is intermittent, such as a woodworking shop in a school or maintenance facility.

DG Models

DG & DS Dust Collectors

Sternvent cabinet style filter bag DG dust collectors are compact and fit in small spaces. They feature flat envelope shaped filters and a manual shaker handle. Ideal for non-production, low volume powders, steel or wood dust.

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DK Models

Vibraclean Dust Collectors

The Vibraclean, with its automatic vigorous motorized shaker, is ideal for an intermittent operation where a manual shaker is not sufficient and a jet pulsed collector is overkill.

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Cyclone Style

Sternvent Cyclone and after filters are the solution for in-plant industrial or school air quality problems, where there are medium to coarse dust particles from woodworking.


Cyclone Dust Collectors

Sternvent cyclone dust collectors are among the most cost effective and reliable type of dust collection available today.

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After Filters

After Filters for Cyclone Dust Collectors

Sternvent after filters capture the fine dust that is not separated from the air stream of a cyclone dust collector. Simple and efficient, the after filters allow return of filtered air to the building or to comply with EPA requirement

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